First day of the new year on the Mountain Bike

After almost 1000 miles on the road bike so far this year I headed out for what I thought would be a mediocre ride on Pipeline in Millcreek Canyon.  Boy was I wrong!!  The trail was in the best condition ever, smooth and chalky as my friend Dennis Gaspari would say, and the views on Millcreek were breath taking.  The canyon is as green as I have ever seen, and canopy of trees full of their new spring leaves made the ride cool and crisp.  Normally the Friday before Father’s Day the trail is dusty and HOT.

I have an older but very capable mountain bike, that needs a tune, so the disc brakes need a bleed something fierce.  No rear brake (to be accurate very little rear brake) makes for a great way to start your mountain bike season.  It was a great reminder of how important you front tire is when descending.  Sort of like skiing the super steep, you HAVE to lean into the turn, lean back, or shy away from the fall line and you are toast.  Or as another great friend Bill Kerig would say,” lean into the fear”!

Headed to the Bird tomorrow for some turns with said friend, and knowing Bill we will be leaning into the fear, or at least hiking til we feel like we need to puke!

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A New Year and a new BLOG!

Over the past few years I have been fortunate to have had time to stop and take pictures of locales where I have been on my bike (or a bike).  I have had a lot of comments about the pictures, I have also had many questions about the pictures, where is this? how did you get there? So this year I decided the “View from my Bars” BLOG was going to be a great way to share the unique perspective you get looking at the world from the handlebars of a bike!  So the first trip/ride of the year was in Las Vegas for PCMA, and boy what a ride it was.

Based on a recommendation from Eric Thompson (or Director Sportif for team Visit Salt Lake) I ended up riding out in the Lake Las Vegas/Lake Mead area.

The impact of the economic recession on the tourism and hospitality industry does not look better from the handlebars of a bike, even if it is a great bike (thanks Nathan Rafferty).  Lake Las Vegas was a ghost town, empty parking lots, homes with foreclosure, or bank owned signs on them, two gorgeous golf courses that have been left for not, and a completely CLOSED Ritz Carlton Hotel.

There was one good thing about Lake Las Vegas, beautiful pavement with no cars, a roadies dream come true!

After a great 30 mile loop I headed back to the Strip and to my meetings at the MGM Grand hotel – Great first day on the bike for 2011 – almost did not miss the new snow back home (I said ALMOST)!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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